Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'Je vois la vie en rose'

My life yesterday was a lovely mix of Parisienne chic and Stars Hollow charm. I was making dinner for a friend and decided we needed some bread to go with our soup and squash. I planned to go to the grocery store after work until I remembered -- with great delight -- that my neighborhood is home to a bakery. So I popped in and picked up a fresh baguette and strolled toward home, reveling in all my Francophile glory. (This was compounded by the fact that I was wearing my Paris-girl uniform: black dress, black boots, fancy tights and short black coat.)

I forgot to switch the lens back to autofocus, so this photo is totally wonky, but I kind of like the awkward artsiness of it.

Dinner consisted of much-hyped delicata and artichoke soup. Both were excellent. I primarily followed Jess's preparation for the delicata: chopped it in half, spread on some olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and baked for an hour at 350.

The chopping was much easier said than done. Perhaps if I'd had a bigger knife similar to this one (hint hint, Mama, Christmas is only two months away -- though I'm not sure how I'd check that thing through security in Memphis), then my life would have been easier. But I didn't, so that's why there are awkward cut marks on the squash.

I *generally* followed Blair's recipe for the artichoke soup. And by generally followed, I mean I basically used the same ingredients. I didn't really keep track of how much of anything I used. And I eyeballed the majority of the spices, but in essence, I used her recipe. With the addition of garlic. Everything's better with garlic.

Dinner was delish. The soup was excellent. Spicy. Warm. Yummy. The delicata was OK. For the texture, my pick would be spaghetti squash. But delicata definitely beats out acorn squash in my book.

After my jaunt to the bakery earlier, I had nipped into the craft store near my apartment (my street is just like Stars Hollow -- there's even an animal-themed store à la Le Chat Club) for supplies for our after-dinner pants-hemming party. Seriously, it was a party. There were orange corduroy hemline headbands. And dancing. I'm embarrassed to say there was even some Abba.

Does it get any more Lorelei Gilmore than that?

Someone should probably check to see that I'm still alive in the morning because I have a feeling she's going to murder me in my sleep for posting these photos. Happy Wednesday.


Sarah said...

great dancing!

hilary said...

a couple of things...

1. thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. it's awesome. and i love that my blog says "my loyal readers" and that there's only one.

2. is that you in the picture at the top? i love that picture.

3. will you cook for me sometime? as long as it isn't all veggies that i don't like, i can't wait!

4. i support your francophilia even if i'm an even split of francophile/anglophile. with some turkish delight thrown in there for good measure. said...

Hi Katie.

Your French girl outfit would fit right in here in Paris, you're right. As for the wonky photo, some of my favorites are the result of accidents like that! You might like this blog by a Parisian friend of mine, whose photos aren't all perfect and some are the better for their flaws:

I actually stopped by because I thought you might like to know about, the only social network for francophiles.

We launched a year ago, and this year we're going to add a marketplace where you can get your fill of French stuff. We're a tiny startup operating on a shoestring budget, and depending on francophile bloggers like you to help get the word out.

Hope you and your readers will stop by and join us! And please help spread the word!

Merci et à bientôt.

Pamela Poole (LaGoulue)