Friday, October 24, 2008

A tale of two socks

My patient brother was the only member of my family not to get a handmade gift for Christmas last year, so I told him he could choose any item he wanted, and I would make it first thing in 2008. He chose socks -- specifically Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern from her book "Knitting Vintage Socks." I had never made finished a pair of socks before. So I wasn't quite prepared for what was in store: millions of tiny, tiny stitches in the same pattern for rows and rows and rows. And then you have to repeat the same thing all over again for the second one. So here it is nearly 10 months to the day from my promise, and I'm finally delivering the goods. To my credit, 2008 has been a crazy year with two moves, a new job, an impromptu trip to Paris, among other things. But the real reason for the delay is that I really don't like making socks -- perhaps more specifically, I really don't like making second socks. The first one was finished before I moved away from New Orleans in February. And I've been "working" on the second one ever since. So Hunter, I hope you like these socks because they are more than likely the only *pair* I will ever make.

Without further ado, a pictorial essay of Hunter's work socks:

I knitted so much that I snapped a needle. (Or maybe I just got so frustrated when I realized I had dropped two stitches...)

Poor broken needle. Luckily these suckers come in sets of five.

Finally finished!! Trying them on for size. Way too big for me...

More sampling. Koigu is really soft and lovely. Those Canadians know what they're doing. These socks, however, are not at all flattering on my legs. Here's hoping they look better on Hunter.

Sock blocking.

Drying on the "veranda" (aka my sketchy fire escape).

More dryage. I made my sock blocker (singular) out of a Halloween place mat from Target. Unfortunately one place mat was not big enough to make two blockers, so these suckers took extra long to dry.

And now, all the stitches are set, they're boxed and ready. Keep an eye out for the postman, Hunter, cause your socks are finally on their way!


Marijean said...

Yea! He's going to love them! You may have to call him to be on the lookout for the package...broken computer:(

Marijean said...

Your new header is great... Where was the picture taken? I'll miss the winding yarn balls.

Sarah said...

Serious labor of love- hope he thinks they are great!