Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reading rainbow

Ah, Reading Rainbow. What a great showis it still on? Anyway, my living room is a different kind of reading rainbow. Inspired by this photo, this one, and the observation that I have a lot of yellow books (thanks to Nancy Drew and National Geographic), I decided to create my own book spectrum. It was a perfect after-work unwinding activity. I realize the complete impracticality of having my library organized by hue, but I figured this arrangement would be no less practical than the completely haphazard arrangement I had beforehand. Plus it looks so pretty. For an even lovelier sight, take a look at my beautiful rocks on top of the bookcases!


Marijean said...

Thanks for the idea! Next birthday you'll get all green and blue books!!!

She Clicks A Lot said...

Rest easy, Reading Rainbow is still livin' large on PBS in most areas- we watch it a lot. I like the visual organization method :) I just found your blog and your knitting looks great. I went right out and got the owl pattern for some woodland fun of my own!