Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"What is this that morning sunshine gilds with golden beams?"

My little sister recently "hired"and by "hired," I mean our mom will be reimbursing me for suppliesme to do my first commissioned knitting project. She wanted me to make two more of the Amy Gaines owls to give to her sorority little sisters as initiation gifts this weekend at their super-secret Chi Omega initiation (yes, there will be a dead owl in the coffin, girls). For those not up on their srattiness, the owl is one of the symbols of Chi O. I had made one of the owls for my sister's birthday back in the fall. Anyway, here are a few photos of the finished product. I switched the colors from my previous effort just to keep them distinct. And I embroidered their names, Xavier Roberts-style, on the back as well.

Shameless branding:


Marijean said...


hilary said...

No fair, you have a label called srattiness and I don't!!

Those are so endearing. Too bad kites (the Theta symbol for readers who aren't up to snub on srat life) aren't so cute!!!

Amazing! I love when I get Martha commissions on projects too!

Fiber Ninja said...

Love the owls, as well as your Knitty article. You should absolutely go to Tallinn, Estonia on your next trip. I have been twice. I can give you more info if you like.

hilary said...

Ok, how did I not notice the label until just now? I need a label for my gnome bag!