Wednesday, January 2, 2008


In 2008, I resolve to post new blog entries at least twice a week.

OK, now it's in writing, and you've read it, so you can help me stick to it!

And now, for Subtropical Paradise's inaugural 2008 posting, I give you more Christmas crafts! Drumroll please...

I made a small lap quilt for each of my parents. The pattern is slightly modified from Amy Karol's "Easy Lap Quilt." The first photo is of my dad's quilt with my sister modeling. And the second photo is my mom's.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had decided to make a bulky beret for myself over Christmas break. I had grand plans of being responsible and doing all my freelance work before my vacation, but two days before I was scheduled to leave, I needed a break from working and instead knitted while watching a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. I popped out this easy knit in just a couple hours and got to enjoy using it over Christmas. Unfortunately, now I have piles of work and three rapidly approaching deadlines. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I used Rowan Big Wool in a two-tone chocolate brown and a size 13 circular needle. I didn't want to buy size 13 double points for the few stitches in the center. So I improvised by using two sets of skinnier needles together at the same time (5s and 7s, I think).

And lastly, but certainly not least. I've been plugging away at my Little Gems Mitts. The colorwork has taken a little longer than expected, but I've finished the first one and love it! I have about a million ends to weave in, blocking, and of course the notorious second mitt to do, but then they'll be finished. I wish they were already done, however. It's bizarrely cold in New Orleans today. And one of my Fetchings has mysteriously disappeared.


a friend to knit with said...

your quilts are gorgeous!
i also adore those mitts!

hilary said...

the beret in the woods picture is amazing and inspirational. please tell me that this was not a set up shot and that you actually sit outside in the woods reading whilst wearing your beret.