Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dressed to pin

In another lifetime, sorority girl Katie used to love "dressing to pin" (i.e., dressing up so I could wear my sorority badge and not disrespect my letters). And while sorority girl Katie remains a distant memory for the most part, I still get a little thrill when I know I'm dressed to pin. This quirk is more than likely responsible for my current obsession with brooches. Here's a sneak peak at my "new" peacock one I got at a vintage store not long ago. It's supposedly 1920s-era, but who knows if that's accurate. Regardless, I like it. (And might I add it's surprisingly difficult to take a picture of one's own chest.)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Peacocks are one of my fascinations!
I have pins but always feel silly wearing them, like I'm dressing up like my mother who always wears them. (um, I am almost 40 and I still feel that way? LOL)