Friday, May 16, 2008

Good and green

A few green things:

1. Purl's Joelle and Jen made some great points in their e-mail newsletter yesterday about crafting being green. So true! Check it out:

"Maybe you don't think of needlecraft as part of the growing green movement, but in our own small way, we crafters are true conservationists. The act of choosing to hand-make say, a quilt or sweater that can easily be store-bought saves a good amount of labor and industrial waste, all the while filling our spare hours with enjoyable work and spurring on our creative spirits. Our fabric scraps are salvaged and cobbled together and transformed into a patchwork treasure and yards of leftover yarn are stitched up into a little hat and slipped into the pocket of the sweater. In the end, the rewards are many: a handmade gift for you and those you love that can be beautiful as well as functional."
2. Taking green crafting to the next level, why not buy local? Just like groceries, buying yarn from nearby farms and spinners can help save packaging, gas and it supports local farmers. That's what I did two weekends ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My friend Richele and I carpooled up to West Friendship, Md., for the festival. It was my first time to go, and it was amazing. I bought lots of yarntoo much, in factfrom Mid Atlantic-area companies and discovered many more that I want to try once I deplete my stash a bit.

We saw some llamas with haircuts.

And some cute baby sheep.

And we enjoyed some delicious fair food (Being children of West Virginia and Mississippi, respectively, Richele and I are big fans of state fairs, county fairs, local festivals, etc. For instance, I spent my 21st birthday at a county fair in Bloomsburg, Penn., but that's a different story. And more importantly, we're big fans of the food that is served at fairs. I'm a pseudo-vegetarian, and I maintain there is no better food in this world than a festival corn dogperhaps I shouldn't mention that in a blog about being eco-friendly, but whatever, it's true).

3. My schedule/life is a bit more hectic now than a few months ago, but I've still managed to do a little knitting/sewing. The lacy dress is back in the picture since I-can-wear-white-after Memorial Day is fast approaching. I've been piecing it together and have only the sleeves left to set in, so I should reveal it on here sometime soon. Get excited.

Meanwhile, I've been itching for a little springtime quirk to perk up my wardrobe, so I made Amy Butler's Barcelona apron overlay using some of her new Midwest Modern fabric (purchased locally, of course). You can see the fashion shoot of that below. Thanks to Richele for the awesome pictures and for putting up with my America's Next Top Model-esque antics. Appropriately enough, it's green, which is my second-favorite color to wear.

And it's reversible!

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Sarah said...

that skirt is really cute!

The only thing I have about the green-ness of crafting is the incredible stuff I have collected over the years! I am bursting at the seams from the stash!

We've been making an effort to hit farmers markets for our groceries and buying local from the actual groceries. If I'm shelling out the big bucks I want them to stay as close to New Orleans as possible!